Fægteklubben Trekanten

Learn a skill, while having fun and working out at the same time. With an international profile, the club offers classes ranging from family fencing for the youngest, to adult fencing for the oldest. All taught in English.

Situated in Ryparkens Idrætsanlæg (Østerbro) and just 10 minutes away from Ryparken Station (S-train) and in DGI-Byen next to Copenhagen Central Station, Fencing Club Trekanten is both the largest and one of the most successful fencing clubs in Denmark. Rooted in military tradition, the club has evolved to become an important part of the international fencing community.

Fencing is an exciting and fun sport that teaches students important mental skills, like strategy and patience, physical skills like coordination, balance and stamina. It is a sport with very few injuries, and every practice includes warm-up, building strength, skills practice etc., and of course actual fencing. We are the only club in Denmark teaching all three weapons, Foil, Épée and Sabre.

Apart from the practice, the club is also a very social place, making great efforts to welcome and include new members, so you can meet new friends and grow your network in Copenhagen.

It is a sport for everyone and there is room for everyone in the club. No matter who you are, tall, short, left or right handed, man, woman, LGBTIQA+, you are welcome with us.
We have our own facilities, with 10 permanent strips, strength & conditioning room, lounge area with TV, kitchen and a common work area with free WiFi.

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