Madklubben is one large family of restaurants spread across the country.
Ever since it opened its first restaurant in 2007, it has had a goal of making restaurant visits accessible to more people in Denmark

In Madklubben, concepts range widely. Madklubben has Italian Tony's, Mamma’s, and the new concept Lupo just around the corner. It has french Bistro Royal, Grimal, Cleo and Frank. It has  middle eastern Bazaar, asian Hanzo and many more. That is why Madklubben offers various job opportunities as both waiters and kitchen assistants at various locations all over the country.

As it is a large company, it offers several staff benefits and a strong sense of unity within the restaurants and between the restaurants. In addition to the restaurants, the head office can be found in Frederiksberg, which supports the restaurants in their daily operations and development.



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