Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark

Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark is a volunteer environmental collective dedicated to protect the ocean environment.

Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark (NOW) strive to strengthen the public focus on the extent of ocean pollution and its consequences. Furthermore, they want to be a part of creating a future where ocean pollution is reduced through the actions of the individual as well as volunteer initiatives. they want to reach a wide community of people. Anyone can take part in caring for the ocean, by making behavioural changes and participates in activities many small actions can affect major change when combined. NOW has three major focus areas which guide the practical implementation of their vision:


  •  Activation

Arranging activities enabling people to actively give back to the ocean such as clean up events, workshops etc.


  • Knowledge sharing

Giving a voice to the ocean and share knowledge on social media channels and website, writing blogposts and factual articles and giving lectures about the ocean environment.


  •  Community

Fostering ambassadors for the ocean and creating a community of Ocean Watchers who help carry out the mission protecting the ocean

Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark

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