PWN Copenhagen

PWN Copenhagen is a non-profit organization integrated into PWN Global, with the mission of promoting the professional development of women in all its stages, through internationally recognized practices.

Professional Women’s Network (PWN) is a non-profit organization born in Paris in 1991 from the restless, visionary and entrepreneurial spirit of Sophie Boisrond, wife of Alain Minc, adviser to the then President of the Republic of France, François Mitterand.

Anchored in a strategic concern with the inequality of professional opportunities (back in the 1990s), PWN soon positioned itself for the implementation of innovative initiatives concerning the promotion of women in their careers, contributing to a more diverse and fairer society.

It currently comprises more than 4,000 members from 90 different nationalities, with a presence in South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, in cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Copenhagen, Oslo, Dublin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Bucharest, Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur or Lisbon.

More than 1000 active members, including women and men of different age groups and with a total diversification of functions, sectors and cultures.

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