Scenekultur Vesterbro

Scenekultur Vesterbro manages two venues in Vesterbro; Råhuset and Basement, where music and cultural events a driven with help from volunteers.

When volunteering at Scenekultur Vesterbro you are part of a community of other culture – and music loving people!  

Most of the year there are two active venues; Basement and Råhuset which are both located in Vesterbro. During the summer there is also an outdoors stage and program on Onkel Dannys Plads.  


There are different tasks but also the possibility to suggest other jobs that you wish to work with or explore. Generally, the volunteers work with: 

  • Bar/entrance
  • Photography
  • Lights

When volunteering you get free access to shows at Råhuset and Basement as well as partners’ venues, discount in the bar, access to social events and the possibility of meeting people with similar interests while working on a specific skill set!

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