Speak is a professional Danish language School with 3 departments in greater Copenhagen and 1 department in Helsingør. We teach Danish at all levels.

Speak teaches Danish at all levels and it has many courses offers to choose from, Danish Education, FVU and many specialized courses. You can choose to learn Danish during daytime, evening, Saturdays, and partly – or 100% online.

Speak is located in the Copenhagen area in Hellerup, Frederiksberg and Lyngby, as well as north of Copenhagen in Helsingør.

Speak's Danish language lessons are officially approved and follow ministerial guidelines. This means that you can attend the courses free of charge and conclude with an official module test and examination. 

It offers many classes at different schedules and levels. This makes it easier for you to fit your Danish language lessons into your life and it ensures that you will be placed in a class with students at the same level as you.

Speak has more than 25 years of experience and its well-educated teachers are experienced and dedicated. You will be encouraged to speak Danish as soon as you enter the classroom.

Speak starts up new Danish courses at all levels every month.

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