Toastmasters International

Speak, Lead, Excel! Join Toastmasters in Denmark for a journey of growth and vibrant connections.
Elevate your skills and unleash the leader within!

Develop as a public speaker, expand your leadership toolbox, and refine your communication skills. Join Toastmasters International in Copenhagen today.

You will receive peer feedback of your progress and will be offered mentorship to guide you all the way. Progress through a rigorous public speaking curriculum called Basecamp to become the best version of yourself! All surrounded by a strong network of professionals whose ambitions match your own!

By regularly giving speeches, receiving feedback, and guiding others in a supportive environment, members learn to tell their stories and tell them well, plan and lead, challenge themselves and support others, give feedback and accept it, and find their path to leadership. An investment in personal growth pays the highest dividends.

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