UCplus Dansk

UCplus is your gateway to learning Danish. We are one of Denmark’s largest providers of the Official Danish Education, and we have been teaching Danish to new residents since 2007.

Welcome to Denmark!

The best way to get off to a successful start in Denmark is by learning the language. UCplus have been teaching Danish to newcomers since 2007, and we are ready to help you!

As one of the largest providers of the Official Danish Language Education, they offer a range of programs to cater to diverse needs.

UCplus Danish Language Education comprises three distinct programs, each designed to provide access to official tests and exams, ensuring a smooth transition into Danish society. These programs ensure a comprehensive learning experience and with the opportunity to attend classes during the day, in the evening or online, it is easy to combine learning Danish with studies, work and family life.

What sets UCplus apart is our personalized approach, recognizing the unique backgrounds of our learners. They assess your academic history and qualifications to determine the appropriate starting level, ensuring an optimal learning journey.

UCplus team of educators use engaging and motivating approaches to teaching. In addition to learning how to speak, write and read Danish efficiently, the programmes also provide you with in-depth knowledge into Danish culture and society, enabling you to attain an excellent understanding of the Danes.

Join UCplus to help you on your Danish language journey!

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