A-kasse & fagforening - what is it and why do I need it?

In Denmark, the professional associations, trade unions (in Danish ‘fagforeningerne’) are there for you, if you need guidance in your career path or you want to meet other professionals - or if trouble comes by at work and you need professional advice.

Akademikerne is the confederation of professional associations in Denmark owned by the 28 different professional associations for highly skilled workers. These, ‘fagforeningerne’, also form the backbone of the Danish model of the labour market, where we negotiate wages and other conditions with the employers.

The trade unions, fagforeningerne, also own ‘A-kasserne’. A-kasserne are ensurance associations, and if you want to ensure against unemployment, this is the place to sign up. Join your Fagforening and A-kasse to find your way through the Danish labour market - and perhaps also meet new friends. 


Chairman for Akademikerne, Lisbeth Lintz.



Stage A


Halmtorvet 11

1700 Copenhagen
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