Co-create and unlock your career potential with AI - dare to dream bigger?

AI is not merely text; it also encompasses audio and visuals. So, embrace AI - it could be your key to career advancement and greater opportunities.

Join an engaging presentation that offers an easy-to-understand introduction to AI and its variety of types - AI-text, AI-visuals (photo and video), and AI-voice.

This event brings to life practical AI applications in job search through innovative nano sessions. Learn or get inspired on how you can use AI's transformative power before, during, and after your job hunt, guided by easy to follow examples. Whether you're exploring new opportunities or aiming to level up in your current role, discover how a touch of AI creativity can boost your career progression. Don't just learn about AI, experience its potential in action, and let it inspire you to reshape your professional journey.


ADAM DOLLNER is a social entrepreneur, Learnmentarist, and tech whizz who never stops learning. Known as 'Mr. Solution' due to his problem-solving mindset, Adam seeks to co-create opportunities and transform lives by facilitating modular services to empower you get a job and an income.


Stage B


Halmtorvet 11

1700 Copenhagen
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