How I survived my first year in Denmark

‘Inclusion starts with I’, is one of the principles Astrid Balsink embraces, stressing the importance that each individual plays their part in building and fostering an inclusive culture as well as increasing diversity (as a result).

Combining her experience with some of the unique strengths Nordic cultures bring, brought her to Denmark where she joined Danske Bank one year ago. Inspiring learning and an open dialogue to not just drive but also anchor key initiatives and change that will attract and grow the best talents and thus, Danske Bank.

As a seasoned global professional, it still turned out to be a jump into the unknown depths of the Nordics when moving to Copenhagen. Re-shaping the family set up, Astrid and her partner chose a hybrid family set up where half of the family lives in NL and half in DK. Being a parttime single parent of a teen, being a head of D&I in Denmark, where we are all equal but definitely not the same -and how to manage that- has been a great challenge both professionally as well as personally. Astrid will leave time for an open dialogue about some of the learnings and insights moving to this strongly rooted country that is known to be one of the happiest places to live.


Astrid Balsink is a seasoned, global D&I- and communications professional. Driving the global communications and diversity agenda she contributed to building and fostering inclusion in companies like Microsoft, Nike and Philips (+80.000 employees). Astrid developed a new, holistic approach, creating an ecosystem that sustains itself. However, growing such a movement, is a fun but uphill journey that requires the involvement of all employees and the networks they are part of.


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Halmtorvet 11

1700 Copenhagen
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