How to face challenges abroad with inner strenght and happiness

Join this talk and get some hands on tools on how to go through challenges in life abroad happier and stronger.

All the expected and unexpected challenges internationals encounter in a life abroad require a good amount of resilience. May it be looking for a job, dealing with countless rejections along the way. Feeling alone and isolated, while longing for deep & meaningful friendship. Or observing the struggles your children or other family members go through, not knowing how to best support them. Just to mention a few of them.

How to handle these challenges with more ease

Let’s dive deeper into understanding different aspects of change and explore hands-on tools to become better at handling them. In this talk, you will learn a blend of essential mindset shifts and hands-on tools to increase your mental fitness and resilience, so that you can be more at ease while going through adversities.


Franziska Luxhøj is the founder of Expat Happiness, host of the yearly online conference Happy Abroad Summit and creator of the Happy Abroad Club. Having started as a coach offering 1:1 and group coaching, her company now features a collaborative approach. The platform brings together experts from all over the world, so that an effective solution to all the most common problems of a globally mobile life can be provided in a timely and professional manner.


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Halmtorvet 11

1700 Copenhagen
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