Professional networking in Denmark

Nischa is a Dane & an experienced hiring manager. She specializes in helping internationals upgrade and get their dream job, ready to provide you with valuable knowledge on how to network profesionally in Denmark.

As a native Dane with 12+ years of hiring manager experience with a deep knowledge of expat-careers, Nischa Don Maack has helped more than 1200 professionals from 79 different countries upgrade their careers and get their dream job as a career coach.

In her own career, she has been hired, fired, promoted, rejected, headhunted, changed career, and felt all new to a culture of the company.

If you feel ready to take action and invest in your career, she is ready to guide you at this year's International Citizen Days.


Nischa Don Maack, Career Catwalk


Stage B


Halmtorvet 11

1700 Copenhagen
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