Unmasking confidence - your key asset to reaching your goals

During the event, the speakers explore impostor syndrome and self-confidence struggles that hinder personal and professional growth.

Unveiling underlying causes, they define impostor syndrome and confidence issues with relatable examples. And offers strategies to transcend these barriers, empowering attendees with resilience, self-compassion, and assertiveness.

From celebrating achievements to reframing failures, they'll share techniques to rewire thought patterns, revealing the vital link between confidence and effective networking, foundational for success. Attendees learn to leverage renewed confidence for authentic relationships. The guidance includes body language, active listening, and crafting narratives.
Equip yourself to silence self-doubt, amplify self-worth, and become adept networkers. Elevate from introspection to confident interaction.

Ready to unlock your potential and harness the power of connecting?


Alex Maftei – UX/UI Designer at Waitly

Jonas Kirkegaard – Project Employee at Københavns Erhvervshus


Main Stage / Online


Halmtorvet 11

1700 Copenhagen
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