Working in the Danish tribe

Working with other cultures can be difficult but also highly beneficial if you know how. And cultural difference can have a huge impact in business and challenges our ideas about everything from leadership, decision making and team collaboration.

In a Danish working environment these “cultural shocks” are definitely visible and significant. Maybe even more so. In the social sciences it’s not a new thing that Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia are significantly culturally different from a lot of other places in the world. You can’t find a country with more general trust, less religiosity, a greater emphasis on equality but also a significant tendency to social reclusiveness and much more. But why are they so different and how do you crack the code of the Danish society? 

Dennis Nørmark

Dennis Nørmark is a thought-leading expert on management and
organization development in global, and culturally diverse organizations. He has published several books on the field, and is an experienced consultant and speaker on the subject. He is also a regular in the Danish media, being one of the most quoted anthropologists in the country. 

Dennis is a trained anthropologist with expertise in making research-based knowledge practically applicable in a day-to-day business context, as well as developing teams to harvest the benefits of diversity while working virtually across multiple locations. His works includes the best-seller “Cultural Intelligence for Stone-Age Brains”, available in both Danish and English. 


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