A guide to Danish workplace culture - understanding the essentials

Have you ever wondered how the Danes act in workplaces - and maybe found it rather different from what you are used to?

Maybe you have experienced how Danish managers most often will ask the employees´opinion before taking a decision? How Danish business partners spend little time on building a relation before going straight to business?

‍In this presentation you will get an introduction to the structure of the Danish labour market as well as insight and ideas on how to handle the differences between your working culture and the Danish one - regardless of whether you are working in Denmark or are looking for a job.


Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard, DI - Dansk Industri (Confederation of Danish Industry)

Heidi Ås, Ingeniørforeningen, IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers)


Main Stage / Online


Halmtorvet 11

1700 Copenhagen
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