International Citizen Days 2023

International Citizen Days 2023 offered a powerful programme in collaboration with a broad range of partners. You can use the search function on the top, if you are looking for specific talks that have already taken place.
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Keep doing this awesome job. I cannot thank you enough for this! I guess it would be useful to have it twice a year, but maybe that’s being too ambitious?
I have been in Denmark for a number of years and attended International Citizen Days every year because there is so much information. There is always something new and interesting here.
I think there were some very different things on the two days. I learned something on both days. Friday for me was about job and career. Saturday was about community resources and how we can connect with clubs and who can help us with what in Denmark.


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3 Little Stars Handmade & The Neighborhood

3 Little Stars Handmade & The Neighborhood offer crafty and creative workshops for kids and adults. 

AC - Akademikerne

The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikerne) is an umbrella organisation for its member organisations. These organisations offer services to professional and managerial staff graduated from universites and other higher educational institutions. Akademikerne was founded in 1972 and has its main office in Copenhagen.

Akademikernes A-kasse

Akademikernes A-kasse serves as your trusted advisor, supporting you in key transitions in your academic life as well as your work life. In addition to providing you with financial security in case of unemployment, Akademikernes A-kasse serves as your trusted advisor, supporting you in key transitions in your academic life as well as your work life, helping you when you are in between jobs or if you want to start your own business.

Afdelingen for Bæredygtig Udvikling

The Department of Sustainable Development conveys knowledge about nature, environment, climate, science, urban development, STEM, and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to the city's children and youth aged 0 to 18 years. Through our activities, children and young people gain knowledge, practical skills, and democratic values, enabling them to contribute to shaping a sustainable future for Copenhagen.

American Women's Club in Denmark

AWC is a registered non-profit, voluntary organization that provides fun, friendship and social support to its members living permanently or temporarily in Denmark.

A.P. Moller - Maersk

A.P. Moller - Maersk is a global leader in integrated logistics services with the aim to improve life for all by integrating the world.

Art Escape Studios

Creating, Connecting, and Caring are interwoven elements at Art Escape Studios, that enrich the human experience; Essential for personal growth, the formation of strong communities, and the development of a compassionate and empathetic society.


ATP is a self-governing institution, established by the Danish Parliament by law in 1964. Today, the ATP Group is Denmark’s largest pension and processing company. It is based in Hillerød and has around 3,000 employees working across three areas: managing pensions, investment and administration.

Babcock & Wilcox

Babcock & Wilcox is making net-zero ambitions a reality today for a cleaner tomorrow. With their proven clean-energy solutions, they continue to meet the challenges of the ever-changing energy landscape. They have aligned their strategy, culture and day-to-day operations to support these worldwide initiatives.

BuddyUp Social

BuddyUp Social is an app born out of a need and founded with a vision. It aims to connect people who desire to network but struggle to find like-minded companions. The app encourages social interaction, helping individuals step off their couches and engage with others. Whether you're new to a place or simply seeking companionship, BuddyUp Social strives to bridge the gap and create meaningful connections.

Career Catwalk

Career Catwalk is career coaching for expats. Nischa is a Dane and an experienced hiring manager. She specializes in helping internationals upgrade and get their dreamjob.

Career Denmark

Career Denmark helps internationals land their dream job in Denmark by offering training on job search strategies for the Danish labor market.

Caritas Migrant House

The Caritas Migrant House welcomes everyone and offers FREE services including legal aid, job search assistance, and therapy sessions.


Chainge seeks to to advance the logistics services available by using electrically assisted cargo bikes to
deliver goods to end recipients - be they businesses, private consumers or public sector organizations.

Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity attracts international companies, investment, and professional talent to ensure continuous, sustainable growth in Denmark and in the Greater Copenhagen Region.

Copenhagen Fablab

Copenhagen Fablab is an open access, shared and user-driven tool workshop situated at Valby Kulturhus and Værkstedshallerne. 

Copenhagen Relocations

At Copenhagen Relocations, the priority is creating happy transferees. They offer seamless relocation services tailored to your needs.

Copenhagen Theatre Circle

The Copenhagen Theatre Circle is a fully amateur, volunteer-led organization. They are always open to new members, and no prior experience is necessary. If you’re interested in theatre, there’s always an opportunity to help with a production, audition for a role, or join in their social activities.

Copenhagen Visitor Service

Let Copenhagen Visitor Service guide you to museum visits and day trips, and teleport yourself to new locations with Augmented Reality. Try out their many Virtual Reality experiences. Put on the VR headsets and cruise through the city in a cargo bike, explore Copenhagen's waterfront or have fun on one of the city's many playgrounds.


Copenwater is an open water swimming community with a focus on community, water activity and preserving our beloved oceans! It is a club for everyone!

DAI Fodbold

Join DAI's 7-a-side football tournament in the Copenhagen metropolitan area. They take care of fields, referees, electronic team cards, the app, trophies, and much more— you just need to focus on playing football and having fun.

Danica Pension

Danica Pension has about 750.000 customers in Denmark. They specialise in pension schemes, life insurance policies and health insurance covers and has total pension funds of around DKK 400 billion with annual contributions of more than DKK 37 billion.

Danske Bank

Danske Bank is Denmark's largest bank and financial group. The bank serves private customers, small and large companies as well as institutional customers.

Dansk Erhverv

Danish Chamber of Commerce is the network for companies within Retail, Service, IT, Transport, Tourism and Health industries in Denmark. They are one of the largest business organizations in Denmark with more than 375 employees and offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Brussels and New York.

Dansk Industri - Expat in Denmark

Expat in Denmark is one of the largest expat communities nationwide. Learn about Danish culture, explore social professional events and much more through their monthly newsletter.


Join Djøf if you are a professional or a student in social sciences, business and law. You are welcome in their trade union whether you are already employed or looking for a job. Djøf's members can be found at all levels of the private and public sectors, from student assistant to CEO.


DM is a labour union for 68,000 academic professionals. We work to ensure that our members can get a meaningful work life, career and personal life.

DMFIS - Danish Magazine for International Students

DMFIS is a platform for inclusion and exploration of Danish culture. Their magazine features interviews with exchange students, poetry written by both Danish and international students, as well as tips and tricks for making the most of living in Copenhagen. Their goal is to create a space where exchange students can feel welcome, integrated into Danish society, and experience the unique culture that is renowned worldwide.

DRH Lindersvold - The Travelling School for Change

DRH Lindersvold offers hands-on global programmes for active citizens, emphasising learning, solidarity, and positive impact in an international school environment.

El Studio

At ElStudio it is the joy of dancing, that is the main focus. They have classes every week for children, teens, young and adults. You can show up in whatever clothes and shoes you want to. The atmosphere at the school is very relaxed, and everybody feels welcome.

English Jobs Denmark

English Job Denmark support internationals in securing employment. By providing expert knowledge and practical advice that helps them to thrive in the workplace.

Expat Counselling

Expat Counselling offers psychological-social counselling support to expatriates from all over the world.

Expat Happiness

Expat Happiness is on a mission to support internationals in achieving increased mental & emotional well-being abroad.

Expat Hero

Expat Hero is founded by Nanna Hauch with a mission to empower and increase the well-being of Globally Mobile Families and individuals enabling expats living the lives they dream of.

First Friend in Denmark

First Friend in Denmark is a company that helps internationals adjust to Danish culture and society. It offers coaching, guidance, and tools for newcomers and employers.

FOF København

FOF København offers world of courses and events near you, ranging from cooking and singing lessons to family activities, fitness, and more.

Folkekirken for Internationals

Folkekirken for Internationals is a community of English-speaking internationals in Copenhagen and is part of the National Church in Denmark. 

Foreningen Dans i Nordvest

In 1999, Uppercut Danseteater established Denmark’s first community dance project, Dans i Nordvest, with support from the Copenhagen Municipality’s Department of Popular Education (FOS) and the then Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The project aimed, and continues to aim, at introducing the local community to various dance forms as a means of expression.

Foreningen Norden

Foreningen NORDEN aims to strengthen and develop collaboration among the Nordic people both internally and externally. The organization works towards increased cooperation across the Nordic borders, emphasizing education, information, youth exchange, sister city partnerships, and culture.

Frederiksberg Kommune (City of Frederiksberg)

City of Frederiksberg will be represented by Frederiksberg Jobcenter that help jobseekers find jobs and help companies find the right candidates.

Frivilligcenter Vesterbro/Kgs. Enghave/Valby

Frivilligcentret is an independent membership-based association with the overarching vision that everyone should be able to engage and participate in local volunteer communities. The organization works to enhance diverse participation in civil society through advisory services, project management, method development, and collaboration among stakeholders across associations, as well as the public and private sectors.

Fægteklubben Trekanten

Learn a skill, while having fun and working out at the same time. With an international profile, Fægteklubben Trekanten offers classes ranging from family fencing for the youngest, to adult fencing for the oldest. All taught in English.

Gladsaxe Municipality

Gladsaxe Municipality – a sustainable and dynamic municipality for international citizens and companies


gMendel is a MedTech company with an AI cloud-based end-to-end solution for the detection & medical interpretation of genetic disorders & beyond.

GoAbroad - Birgitte O.

GoAbroad–Birgitte O. offers courses for individuals/companies in settling into a new culture, in spouse support, career advice/guidance in job search

Happy Children Denmark

Happy Children Denmark is a consulting business that does cultural trainings & support sessions for expats and expat families coming to Denmark.


HubLearn is a Danish social enterprise that operates internationally. They approach learning in a different way. Their aim is to upgrade local individuals and SMEs with less resources around the world by creating opportunities and jobs via sustainable, innovative and affordable learning projects.


IDA represents the voice of technology – A   professional organisation and trade union based on knowledge, networks and the interests of 150,000 members studying or working in STEM.


Imploy is an agency for temporary workers and recruitment focused on matching companies with the most skilled candidates in the market. Through their professional approach to recruitment, they have built an impressive customer base.

International House Copenhagen

International House Copenhagen is your one-stop for registration services, events, and career programs to welcome you as a newcomer in Copenhagen and many other municipalities. On location, International Citizen Service (ICS East) gives you the comfort of a one-point entry to relevant authorities. Here you can register for a CPR number, EU residence document and much more. All services are free of charge. Welcome to Greater Copenhagen!


KHRS is a service company that was established in 1981. At that time, KHRS was primarily engaged in cleaning, whereas today there has been an expansion within the service area provided. KHRS offers a wide range of services, which are primarily within the framework of the hotel industry and business services.

Københavns Erhvervshus

Københavns Erhvervshus is your company's gateway to Copenhagen Municipality. They can assist you with recruiting employees and developing your business.

Københavns Fødevarefællesskab

Københavns Fødevarefællesskab (KBHFF) is a member-based and member-driven food co-operative in Copenhagen offering local, seasonal, organic produce.

Last Week in Denmark

Last Week in Denmark, a weekly newsletter filled with local, relevant and interesting news that you might have missed. Out of the sea of news that’s around us, they try to pick out the ones that might be of interest to you or affect you as an international residing in Denmark. Depending on what’s hot they divide the newsletter into smaller chunks for example: Danish Health, Danish Politics, Free time, International News, etc. If there’s something you’re not interested in, just skip to the next ‘chapter’.

Learning Centre

Learning Centre is a leading tutoring company - with a focus on Math and English tutoring for international students.

LINK - Ladies' International Network

The Ladies' International Network København (LINK) is an English-speaking network open to all international women in the Copenhagen area.

Living With Vikings

Living with Vikings addresses Scandinavian buiness culture and the meeting between the Nordic countries and the many well-educated, well-travelled globalists who, for a time or for good, choose to settle here. 

Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune (Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality)

Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune - A modern city of commerce and knowledge and with a history of being the industrial cradle of Denmark.


Madklubben is one large family of restaurants spread across the country. Ever since it opened its first restaurant in 2007, it has had a goal of making restaurant visits accessible to more people in Denmark

Magistrenes A-kasse

Magistrenes A-kasse (‘Masters Unemployment Insurance Fund’)  – specialize in servicing a specific segment of the workforce. MA accepts all applicants, but specialise in people with a degree in the humanities or the sciences.


Mercell is an industry leading software company with the mission to re-imagine tendering and unlock business opportunities. Mercell's culture is based on the Mercellian Spirit of continuous growth, curiosity, trust and courage.

Mozhi Consulting

Mozhi Consulting specializes in guiding individuals to a focused job search strategy. Their mission is to enable ideal career pursuits with confidence, despite setbacks.

Novo Nordisk

For more than 100 years, Novo Nordisk has been translating the unmet medical needs of people living with a serious chronic disease into innovative medicines and delivery systems, like their insulin pens. Their treatments today are benefiting millions of people living with diabetes, obesity, and rare blood and endocrine diseases. From Novo's labs to their factory floors, the company is discovering and developing innovative biological medicines and making them accessible to patients throughout the world.

Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark

Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark is a volunteer environmental collective dedicated to protect the ocean environment.

Pan Idræt

Pan Idræt is a sports club, where friendships, health, and excercise flourish among more than 2000 members spread across more than 25 different sports disciplines. Sports that welcome everyone under the rainbow.


Pharmadanmark is a trade union for professionals in the life science industry.


Pladsanvisningen offers guidance on Copenhagen nurseries, kindergartens, day care centers, after-school centers/KKFOs, as well as private institutions and private childcare.

PROSA - forbundet af IT-professionelle

With 16,000 members working or studying within IT, PROSA stands out as the leading interest group and labour association for organised IT Professionals in Denmark.

The Professional Women of Colour (ProWoc)

The Professional Women of Colour (ProWoc) Network is a non-profit organisation that offers career and personal development opportunities for women of colour seeking to increase their visibility and impact in Denmark.

PWN Copenhagen

PWN Copenhagen is a non-profit organization integrated into PWN Global, with the mission of promoting the professional development of women in all its stages, through internationally recognized practices.

Repair Café

Repair Cafe is a sustainable development concept with branches across Denmark. A Repair Cafe is not necessarily a cafe, but a non-profit initiative where volunteer enthusiasts come together and offer local citizens the opportunity to repair defective items that would otherwise be thrown out. They give life back to your phone charger, sew the rip in your shirt, make your toaster to toast again, or rewire your old chandelier. And all the help is free!


RobinHus was founded in 1999 and today consists of independent, experienced and committed real estate agents across the country. They offer a modern concept with low costs, high quality brokerage and security throughout the sales process.

Rytmisk Center

Rytmisk Center is a cultural and educational institution offering classes in music, movement and other cultural activities for adults, children and young people in Copenhagen. Based in premises in Vesterbro, they offer more than 600 different courses per year, where around 5000 people choose to attend everything from baby rhythms to senior choirs to courses for ambitious emerging musicians. 

Scenekultur Vesterbro

Scenekultur Vesterbro manages two venues in Vesterbro; Råhuset and Basement, where music and cultural events a driven with help from volunteers.

SIRI - The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) is an agency under the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration.


SIRVA Denmark is the local Danish branch of SIRVA Worldwide, Inc. which provides HR and mobility professionals with the resources, guidance, and support they need to achieve the best possible relocation for talent, and for the companies that move them.

Skattestyrelsen - The Danish Tax Agency

All you need to know about the tax system in Denmark. Join the stand and get prepared to handle your tax affairs! The Danish Tax Agency will be at hand to guide you through the Danish tax system and answer your questions.


Speak is a professional Danish language School with 3 departments in greater Copenhagen and 1 department in Helsingør. They teach Danish at all levels.


Learn about Copenhagen in a fun and explorative way with StoryHunt. Through the StoryHunt app you can explore Copenhagen (and many other cities) by listening to audio stories about where you are.


For 47 years Studieskolen has offered language courses in more than 30 languages, incl. Danish. The courses take place in the centre of Copenhagen.

Studievalg Danmark

Studievalg Danmark (Study and Career Guidance Denmark) is a nationwide guidance institution with seven regional education and career guidance centers.

Sundheds- og Omsorgsforvaltningen (The Health & Care Administration)

The Health & Care Administration of the City of Copenhagen has 40+ nursing homes for elderly citizens who need caretaking. They are always looking for empathetic and caring employees.


Sustainary is a non profit organization that activates both individuals and businesses working towards sustainable solutions. They work together with talents, businesses, organizations and foundations to contribute towards a more open, inclusive and sustainable world. 

Talent Garden

Talent Garden offers an unprecedented combination of creative coworking campuses, an internal educational institution and industry-driven events to connect tech talents. Their mission is to create local, vibrant, globally connected campuses that empower digital and tech communities.


TechBBQ exists to support and strengthen the Nordic startup ecosystem. They build communities and foster growth for startups and scaleups based on the Nordic.


Templafy’s content enablement platform aligns workforces and enables employees to effortlessly create on-brand, high-performing business content faster.

The Culture & Leisure Administration

The Culture & Leisure Administration can tell you a lot about what Copenhagen has to to offer when it comes to culture and leisure activities. You can meet the city's libraries, culture houses and sports facilities and learn more about them at this year's International Citizen Days.

The Hub

Find your next job on The Hub among 1000 openings from top Nordic scale-ups to fast-growing startups.

The Rent Control Board

The Rent Control Board is an independent dispute resolution board that makes decisions in cases where there is disagreement between landlords and tenants. Huslejenævnet remains neutral and does not provide advice to either the tenant or the landlord. Additionally, it does not initiate cases on its own; it only acts upon disputes brought before it.

The Technical & Environmental Administration

The Technical & Environmental Administration is responsible for the operation and development of the city for the benefit of Copenhageners, businesses and other users of the city.

Toastmasters International

Speak, Lead, Excel! Join Toastmasters in Denmark for a journey of growth and vibrant connections. Elevate your skills and unleash the leader within!

UCplus Dansk

UCplus is your gateway to learning Danish. They are one of Denmark’s largest providers of the Official Danish Education, and they have been teaching Danish to new residents since 2007.

Udviklingsselskabet By & Havn

Udviklingsselskabet By & Havn is a development and operating company that delivers long-term and holistic urban development and takes responsibility for creating cohesive and well-functioning urban neighborhoods, including Ørestad and Nordhavn.

Volt Danmark

Volt is the first pan-European party with more than 130 elected representatives, thousands of members and a progressive agenda! Join their political movement, run for office and change politics!


VSKdansk is a language school located in Greater Copenhagen. The school provides the official Danish Language Course to newcomers, free of charge.


WeSolve’s engagement platform is centered around inclusivity, co-creation, and understanding community needs. Build meaningful engagement and foster community involvement ensuring diverse perspectives are represented. 


Workee: Revolutionizing Employment. A game-changing platform connecting talents with opportunities.


Workindenmark is the national public employment service for qualified international candidates looking for a job in Denmark, and Danish companies searching for foreign candidates. Workindenmark is part of the Danish Ministry of Employment and member of European Employment Service (EURES).

Wunderman Thompson

VML is a beacon of innovation and growth in an ever-evolving world. Their heritage is built upon over 300 years combined experience and expertise, where creativity meets technology, and diverse perspectives ignite inspiration. With the merger of VMLY&R and Wunderman Thompson, they have forged a new path as a growth partner that is equal parts creative agency, consultancy, and technology powerhouse.


Øresunddirekt is an information service that conveys public information from the authorities to the inhabitants and the business community in the Öresund region. Øresunddirekt consists of two sections - an information centre in Malmö and a web team/communications department in Copenhagen.

Aalborg Institute for Development

Aalborg Institute for Development helps entrepreneurs turn their dreams and ideas into sustainable businesses. By working closely with them, small and medium businesses gain access to new knowledge, specialist skills and the latest funding opportunities. 


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ICD 2023 Programme Saturday